Preparing Accessories for Tanker

In order for other DATABridge accessories to use the filtered audit files generated by Tanker, they must call the DBINITFILTER (filtername) entry point in the DATABridge Engine (DBEngine). To determine the pack where the filtered audit files reside, DBEngine then reads DATA/TANKER/databasename/CONTROL or DATA/TANKER/logicaldatabasename/CONTROL.

  • For any user-written accessory, you must include the DBINITFILTER call.
  • For Span and DBServer, you can edit the PREFILTERED option in their respective parameter files. The PREFILTERED option requests that DBEngine use the filtered audit files generated by Tanker.

In either case, if DBEngine cannot locate a filtered audit file, it automatically switches to using the normal audit files if the PREFILTERED option is set to PREFERRED.