File Title Instead of Directory Name

If you specify filename rather than directoryname, Span writes all extracted records to that one file, which is called a consolidated file. By default, it is a STREAM file containing variable-length records. This option is intended primarily for sites replicating the data onto a PC or UNIX database, where data files are stream-oriented and a line-feed character delimits each record. The formatting routine in the Support Library should append the data set number and line-feed character to each record as needed.

Note: To specify fixed-length records, uncomment the file equation for EXTRACTS in the Span WFL job and adjust the file attributes as needed.

For example, the following entry:


ensures that all extracted records are written to the following:


If you omit ON packname, the output defaults to the pack name for UPDATES. If you specify ON packname, FAMILY substitution rules apply.