DBEngine Visibility to Accessories and Usercodes

If you install DATABridge Host and its accessories under a privileged usercode, as recommended, accessories you use for replication can access DBEngine by title, as needed. Accessories call entry points in DBEngine as specified in the DATABridge API. The DBEngine component is shipped as a privileged program so that it can access guard files under all usercodes without any additional configuration.

However, if you need to run DATABridge Host under multiple usercodes, or if the DATABridge accessories are installed under a different user code from DBEngine, you must do one of the following:

  • Include a copy of DBEngine and its parameter file under each accessory's usercode.
  • Install DATABridge Host without a usercode to a common disk family and use family substitution statements that reference that disk family. For information, see the Unisys documentation.
  • Establish DBEngine as a system library. (See Establish DBEngine as a System Library.)