1800-1899 (DBTanker)

1800 DBTanker: Duplicate filter name filtername on line linenumber

This message indicates duplicate filter names. The second occurrence of the filter name is found on line linenumber of the parameter file. Remove or rename the duplicate filter.

1801 DBTanker: Couldn’t link to DBSupportname

This message indicates that Tanker could not link to the specified tailored support library.

1802 DBTanker: No filters in parameter file

This message indicates that you did not specify a filter in the Tanker parameter file. Specify at least one filter.

1803 DBTanker: Mismatch in output file header of filename

The first record of each filtered audit file contains a header record indicating the size of the header and the size of the UpdateInfo records in the file. Tanker has tried to extend an existing filtered audit file but the header record contains incompatible values. This can happen after installing a new release of DATABridge that uses a larger size for the header record or for the UpdateInfo records. Remove or rename the old filtered audit file and let Tanker recreate it with the new header record.

1804 DBTanker: Parameter file FAMILY missing

This message indicates that the disk containing the Tanker parameter file is missing. Either make the disk available or change the location of the parameter file in the WFL.