Use the following parameters to specify character translation settings. Configuration file parameters are included in parentheses.

Note: If you customize the character translation tables when you populate the data tables the first time, you must use them on all subsequent updates or the data will be invalid.

Use external translation library (eatran_dll_name)

Enables translation of 16-bit character sets via an alternate data translation routine, which is useful if you have multiple databases that use different languages. You can specify a translation library for the data source or use the default. Windows clients use an external DLL (the default is DBEATRAN.DLL). UNIX clients use a shared library (the default is DBEATRAN.SO).

Use configured translations

Use this option to redefine how a character gets translated. From the menu, specify the numeric value that represents the EBCDIC character code and enter the corresponding ASCII character code. You can use decimal or hexadecimal (for example, 124 for decimal or 7C for hexadecimal) to represent the character codes.

You cannot specify characters that are constant across national characters. These characters include the space, hyphen (-), single quotation mark ('), digits 0-9, and letters of the alphabet (A-Z and a-z).