SQL Data Types

Use the following parameters to customize the selected data source before you clone it. Configuration file parameters are included in parentheses.

Default SQL data types

Use bigint for integers greater than 32-bits (use_bigint)

Use this option for DMSII data that is too large to fit in the int data type (32-bit integer), to bigint (64-bit integer). Applies only to SQL Server. If the DMSII number has more than 18-digits, a data type of DEC(N) is used, as the value is too large for a 64-bit integer.

Use varchar (use_varchar), minimum length (min_varchar)

Select Use varchar to map DMSII ALPHA data to varchar (Microsoft SQL Server or DB2) or varchar2 (Oracle) instead of char.

When you select Use varchar, you can also specify a minimum length. Type a value (greater than zero) to map items whose length is less than the specified value to the char data type.

Use clob data type (use_clob)

Maps DMSII ALPHA data that is too large to fit in a varchar2 column to a data type of clob (instead of truncating the data or splitting it into two columns). The varchar2 column is limited to 4000 characters. Applies only to Oracle.