Icon Descriptions

When an icon includes a pencil, such as this service icon Server Icon - Trace, tracing is enabled for that item.

Data Source Icons

Data Source Green

Active data source

Data Source Gray

Inactive data source

Data Source Red

Data source with unsaved changes or a new data source that hasn't been defined or customized.

Data Source Yellow

Data source that requires attention

Data Source Locked

Data source is offline because it's being customized in this or another Client Console. The data source will be available when the Client Configurator session ends.

Data Set Icons


Dataset Green

Data sets

Active data set




Inactive data set

Data Set Yellow

Modified data set (unsaved changes)


Data set that requires attention

DMSII Item Icons

DMSII Item Icon

DMSII item

DMSII Icon Modified

Modified DMSII item

DMSII Item Group

DMSII group

DMSII Item Group Modified

Modified DMSII group

Key icon


User Column

User column

Reorg Delete

Reorganization indicator of
deleted DMSII item

Reorg Add

Reorganization indicator of added DMSII item

Client Run Icons

Run Icon Green

Default client run icon

Run Icon Red

Active client run

Run Icon - Failed

Failed client run

Run Icon Yellow

Completed client run