How Do I Edit the Configuration File?

You should never directly modify a binary configuration file. This will corrupt the file.

Binary configuration files are updated each time you change your configuration settings in the Client Console or Client Configurator. If you need to change a parameter that is not supported by the Client Console or Client Configurator, you can export the binary configuration file to a readable text file. After you edit the text file, you can import the updated file to create a new binary configuration file. The import command performs all the necessary checks to ensure that your changes are valid. If you don't like the idea of using binary files for command-line operations, you can force the export command to replace the binary file with an equivalent text file.

Because passwords are encoded in the configuration file, there is no way to read them. If a password is wrong, export the configuration file and reenter the password as plain text. Then, import the file and export it again to remove the unencoded password from the text configuration file. Alternatively, you can use the Client Console or the dbpwenc utility to change passwords.