AA Values

AA is a DMSII term that stands for absolute address. An absolute address value is an A Series WORD (48-bits in length). In the DATABridge Client, AA is the hexadecimal representation (12 character strings containing the characters 0–9 and A–F) of the AA value on the host. DATABridge Client uses the AA values to implement unique keys for the parent structures of embedded data set records. It also uses AA values to reference the records of data sets that do not have DMSII SETS with the NO DUPLICATES ALLOWED attribute.

AA values are not constant. Any DMSII reorganization (record conversion, file format, or garbage collection) changes these values.

Note: DATABridge Client supports numeric AA values that are stored as NUMBER(15) in Oracle, BIGINT in SQL Server, and DECIMAL(15) in DB2. It also supports binary AA values that are stored as RAW(6) in Oracle and BINARY(6) in SQL Server.