Default: 3600
Range: 0–36000 seconds
Related parameters: use_dbwait, max_retry_secs

The max_wait_secs parameter works only when you enable use_dbwait. When you set max_wait_secs, also set max_retry_secs.

The max_wait_secs parameter applies when you use the dbutility process command to track changes. It defines the maximum wait time (in seconds) for the DBWAIT API call for DBEngine, which is called when the use_dbwait parameter is set to True. This is the maximum amount of time that DBEngine waits before returning an audit file unavailable status.

The max_wait_secs value and the max_retry_secs value are the DBWAIT API input parameters. The maximum wait time (max_wait_secs) specifies the cutoff point for the retries (max_retry_secs). DBWAIT gives up when the total amount of time elapsed since the last successful attempt to read the audit file is greater than or equal to the max_wait_secs.

Note: A value of 0 indicates that DBEngine continually waits.