Default: False
Range: True or False
Related parameters: alpha_error_cutoff, discard_data_errors, display_bad_data

The convert_ctrl_char parameter applies to DMSII data items of type ALPHA.


  • Do not set the convert_ctrl_char parameter to True unless you are absolutely certain that eliminating control characters will have no adverse effect on the data. For example, eliminating control characters can cause some fields to be misinterpreted.
  • This parameter and the parameter inhibit_ctrl_chars are mutually exclusive. If you attempt to set them both to True, the configuration file scanner will generate an error.

Use this parameter as follows:

  • Set convert_ctrl_char to True if you want the DATABridge Client to replace all control characters in ALPHA data with spaces. Most likely, your host fields are remapped by a COBOL application and the data in the fields is different from the declared data type in DASDL. In this case, you would want to know when data was being misinterpreted.
  • Set convert_ctrl_char to False if you want the DATABridge Client to not change control characters. Depending on your setting for alpha_error_cutoff, the column that contains control characters may be set to NULL, but at least the problem field will be identified. Then, you can decide whether to set this parameter to True and ignore the bad data.

In summary, before you set this option to True, set alpha_error_cutoff to a low value and set display_bad_data to True to determine whether or not it is safe to ignore the control characters.