Default: –1 (This parameter is commented out.)
Range: 0 – 200,000
Related parameters: commit_update_inc, commit_time_inc, commit_txn_inc

The commit_absn_inc parameter allows the DATABridge Client to override the DBEngine CHECKPOINT CLIENT EVERY nnn AUDIT BLOCKS parameter setting. It does this by causing DBEngine to generate a commit at the next quiet point after the nnn audit blocks have been processed after the last commit. This parameter determines one of many conditions under which DBEngine should generate a commit.

When a value is not specified, as in the case of the default setting, DATABridge Client uses an internal value of –1. This value indicates that it won't attempt to override the settings for the corresponding DBEngine parameter (whose default value is 100). The value -1 is not a valid setting, per se, and will result in a "value out of range" error.

A value of 0 disables the use of this parameter by DBEngine. A value that exceeds the value specified in DBEngine control file is ignored.

If commit_absn_inc, commit_update_inc, commit_time_inc, and commit_txn_inc are specified, DBEngine commits at the next quiet point after one or more of the conditions are satisfied.