Changes in DATABridge Client 6.2 Control Tables

Changes to the client control tables are listed in the following table.

When you run the migrate program, the dbfixup utility automatically updates your existing client control tables to ensure compatibility with previous releases. For more information, see the DATABridge Installation Guide.


The unused client_activity column has been removed.

The db_timestamp column was added. See DATASOURCES Client Control Table.


The bit definition DSOPT_Optimize_4_CDC (bit 524, 288) was added to the ds_options column.

The columns links_sz_bytes, links_offset and vp_link_offset have been added. See DATASETS Client Control Table.


The bit definition DAOPT_OrigNameFixed (65,536) was added to the da_options column. See DATATABLES Client Control Table.


The bit definition DAOPT_ActiveReset (16384) was added to the da_options column. See DATAITEMS Client Control Table.