Name Length

The limit for a DMSII data set name is 17 characters, and DMSII item name is limited to 128 characters. Relational databases typically limit table names to 30 characters; however, the DATABridge Client reserves two characters for the prefix that indicates the stored procedures for a table (i_tablename, d_tablename, u_tablename). Thus, the table names are actually limited to 28 characters. Similarly, the DATABridge Client adds a one or two character prefix to the item names to create a unique name for the parameters of the stored procedures. The DATABridge Client for Microsoft SQL Server uses a prefix of @ while the DATABridge Client for Oracle uses a prefix of p_. To avoid using names that are too long for the relational database, items names are limited to 29 characters for SQL Server or 28 characters for Oracle.

With this limit of 28 characters for a table name, typically all the DMSII names fit into the relational database table name or column name. In cases where data set, data item, or other structure names are concatenated and therefore become too long for a relational database, the DATABridge Client truncates the name.