Creating a Composite Key

Use this procedure when you need to create a composite key.

To create a composite key

  1. Modify script.user_layout.primary_tablename to do the following:
    • If you don't use the Client Configurator, set the set_name column of the DATASETS client control table entry for the data set in question to "user_set". If you use the Client Configurator, this is done automatically.
    • Specify which items should be part of the composite key by assigning the appropriate values to the corresponding entries for the item_key column of the DMS_ITEMS client control table. Such entries are identified by the values of the dms_item_name and the dataset_name columns.
  2. After you create the composite key, do one of the following:
    • If you have not cloned any tables, run the define command again.
    • If you have cloned tables, set the status_bits column for the corresponding entry in the DATASETS client control table to 8, and run a redefine command.
  3. If you ran a define command (or if the redefine command prompts you to run a generate command) run the generate datasource command from the working directory that for the data source. Otherwise, you'll be prompted to run the reorg command, which fixes the index for the table.
  4. From the data source's working directory, run a process command. This clones or reclones the data set, if needed, and resumes tracking.