Using Sets with the KEYCHANGEOK Attribute

Some DMSII SETs have the KEYCHANGEOK attribute, which indicates that it is legal for the value of items that are members of the SET (that is, keys) to change. The check_key_changes parameter tells the client to pay attention to this attribute, which DBEngine passes to the client during a define command. When using DBEngine 6.0 or older, Client determines if the values of any of the keys have changed and doing delete/insert operations instead of updates when this happens. For more information about this parameter, see check_key_changes.

Note: When using DATABridge Host or Enterprise Server version 6.1 or later, KEYCHANGEOK is handled slightly differently than with older host software. When the Client detects DBEngine version 6.1 or later, it automatically enables the check_key_changes parameter regardless of its setting in the configuration file. This allows DBEngine to handle such data sets much more efficiently, resulting in negligible or no added overhead.