Before You Run the Command-Line Client

Before you use dbutility, do the following:

  • Set up the relational database.
  • Install the DATABridge software on the host and set up and start DATABridge Server (see the DATABridge Host Administrator’s Guide). If DATABridge Server requires signon parameters, include these in the dbutility configuration file. If necessary, you can also provide these parameters in the environment variables or in dbutility command-line options.
  • Install or upgrade the DATABridge Client (see the DATABridge Installation Guide) and create a separate working directory for each DMSII database to be cloned. In most cases, you'll add the relational database logon parameters to the data source configuration file. You can do this by supplying the signon parameters to the import command when you create a new data source. Passwords are automatically encoded.

    Important: When you execute dbutility commands for different data sources, make sure that you are in the directory created for that data source. This ensures that the process or clone command can locate the configuration files and the scripts created by the generate command.