Change or Encode a Password

Use this procedure for any of the following situations:

  • To change the password for the user ID that you use to sign on to the database in your text or binary configuration file
  • When the KEY (host password) on the host has changed and you need to update and encode the hostpasswd value in the Client configuration file. The KEY can only be changed by editing the DBServer control file (DATA/SERVER/CONTROL) on the host.

Passwords in the Client configuration file are automatically encoded when you use the export command to export the file (see Export or Import a Configuration File).

To change a password

  1. When using a text Client configuration file, make sure that the password and hostpassword entries are uncommented.


    user          = user1

    password      =

    datasource    = BANKDB_S

    hostpasswd    =

  2. Open a command prompt session and set the directory to the working directory of the appropriate data source.
  3. To change or encode the password, enter the following command:

    dbpwenc -p

    dbpwenc Options



    Displays help for the password encoding utility (dbpwenc).


    Changes the relational database password and encodes it. You must supply both the new and the old passwords.


    Changes the DATABridge Server password and encodes it. You must supply both the new and the old passwords.

    -f filename

    filename is the name you have given the DATABridge Client configuration file. Use this option only when you have changed the configuration file name from its default (dbridge.cfg). If necessary, you can also include the directory path.

  4. Make sure that the host password matches the password in the DATABridge Server control file (DATA/SERVER/CONTROL) on the host.

    The DATABridge Client configuration file is updated with the encoded password, similar to the following example:


    user          = user1

    password      = 9610ac320e9571e0d35020d15190610412131816

    datasourse    = BANKDB_S

    hostpasswd    = e617dc2316120d0a371003031c00230067c99551