Data Item Properties Dialog Box

Getting there

The properties in this dialog box are for information only and can't be edited.

Item number

The data item number, a unique number that is assigned by DMSII.


The data item type as described in DASDL (for example, alphanumeric, thirty characters).


Indicates information that's been specified to DBGenFormat so that the client knows the format of the data, such as date.

See the DATABridge Host Guide for a complete description of the formats available.



Indicates the length of the data item measured in half bytes (also referred to as digits).



The distance between the item and the start of the record (measured in half bytes).



The number of different times the data item is repeated in the DMSII record.



The number of subscripts that are required due to each level of occurs. For example, if a data item occurs four times in a GROUP, and that GROUP occurs five times within a larger GROUP that occurs seven times, three subscripts would be required.


Raw offset

When selected, indicates that the data item doesn't appear in the formatted record. The offset is the location of the link item in the unformatted audit record. Only used in links.