Configuring MAKEUSER on Host

Before you can use bidirectional file transfer in Enterprise Server, the Unisys host must be configured using the MAKEUSER program. For information about MAKEUSER, see the Unisys documentation. The following MAKEUSER example configures the Unisys host to allow file transfers using COPY:

To configure MAKEUSER

  1. Sign on to CANDE and transmit


  2. After your terminal opens as a remote file displaying the version information, then transmit


  3. Next, transmit


  4. Finish by transmitting


In this example, SALLY is the name of the Windows user account where Enterprise Server is running, the value following IPADDRESS identifies the computer running Enterprise Server, and PROD is the MCP server usercode that has permissions to access the host files to be transferred. This command allows user SALLY to act as usercode PROD from the IP address specified.