Errors in Windows Event Log

The following error messages can appear in the Windows Application Event log and the DBDirector log. Message numbers 30005-30013, 30112, 30117, and 30125 in the following list are for information only and do not indicate an error. Some of the following error messages will have a suffix of the form

[<winerror>] <winerrormsg>

where <winerror> is a Windows-defined error number and <winerrormsg> is the associated error text returned by the Windows FormatMessage system call.



30001 [DBDS_Unauthorized]

[Administrator rights are required for controlling DBDirector.]

30002 [DBDS_BadParam]

"Bad DBDirector parameter"

30003 [DBDS_NotInstalled]

"DBDirector not registered"

30004 [DBDS_StatusFailed]

"Unable to retrieve DBDirector status"

30005 [DBDS_ContinuePending]

"DBDirector continue pending"

30006 [DBDS_PausePending]

"DBDirector pause pending"

30007 [DBDS_Paused]

"DBDirector paused"

30008 [DBDS_StartPending]

"DBDirector start pending"

30009 [DBDS_StopPending]

"DBDirector stop pending"

30010 [DBDS_Installed]

"DBDirector registered"

30011 [DBDS_Removed]

"DBDirector unregistered"

30012 [DBDS_Started]

"DBDirector started"

30013 [DBDS_Stopped]

"DBDirector stopped"

30014 [DBDS_InstallFailed]

"DBDirector register failed"

30015 [DBDS_RemoveFailed]

"DBDirector unregister failed"

30016 [DBDS_StartFailed]

"DBDirector start failed"

30017 [DBDS_StopFailed]

"DBDirector stop failed"

30018 [DBDS_AlreadyStarted]

"DBDirector already started"

30019 [DBDS_AlreadyStopped]

"DBDirector already stopped"

30020 [DBDS_StillActive]

"DBDirector query still active"

30021 [DBDS_Unknown]

"DBDirector unknown result <num>"

30022 [DBDS_NoDBDirector]

"DBDirector program not found!"

30100 [DBDS_EventLogOpenErr]

"Unable to open EventLog key"

30101 [DBDS_EventLogKeyErr]

"Unable to create EventLog subkey"

30102 [DBDS_EventFileErr]

"Unable to create EventMessageFile value"

30103 [DBDS_EventTypesSuppErr]

"Unable to create TypesSupported value"

30104 [DBDS_NoModuleName]

"Unable to get module name for install"

30105 [DBDS_ServiceMgrErr]

"Open Service Control Manager failed"

30106 [DBDS_ServiceOpenErr]

"Open Service failed"

30110 [DBDS_ServiceCtrlErr]

"Start Service Control Dispatcher failed"

30111 [DBDS_BadCommandOp]

"Unrecognized command line option <option>"

30112 [DBDS_ServiceCtrl]

"Calling Service Control Dispatcher. Please wait."

30113 [DBDS_WinSockErr]

"[WinSock error <num>] <errormsg>"

30114 [DBDS_NoListenPort]

"DATABridge registry entry ListenPort not found. Using default port <num>."

30115 [DBDS_NoProgFiles]

"DATABridge registry entry ProgFiles not found"

30116 [DBDS_NoConfigFiles]

"DATABridge registry entry ConfigFiles not found"

30117 [DBDS_EventRunServer]

"DBEnterprise for client at host '<hostname>' Process: <id>, thread: <num>, socket: <hexnum> ConfigFiles: <dir>, Command: <command>"

30118 [DBDS_RunErr]

"CreateProcess failed for <processname>"

30121 [DBDS_BlockingReset]

"Reset to blocking mode failed"

30122 [DBDS_SocketOpenErr]

"Can't open TCP socket"

30123 [DBDS_SocketBindErr]

"Can't bind local address to socket"

30124 [DBDS_ListenErr]

"Listen failure"

30125 [DBDS_EventListen]

"Listening for DATABridge client connections on port <num>"

30126 [DBDS_MgrReportErr]

"Service manager error"

30127 [DBDS_WaitErr]

"Event wait failure"

30129 [DBDS_WinSockInit]

"WinSock startup"

30130 [DBDS_WinSockTerm]

"WinSock cleanup"