Notify (WFL)

The Notify WFL causes the Server Accessory to notify Enterprise Server or AuditWait that audit files are available for processing. You must run the Notify WFL each time you want to initiate the DATABridge Client from the MCP host system.

You can automate this process by using the Copy Audit utility to have the Server Accessory automatically notify Enterprise Server each time an audit file becomes available. See Copy Audit Utility.

To run the Notify WFL

Note: For instructions to steps 1-2, see the DATABridge Enterprise Administrator’s Guide.

  1. Configure Enterprise Server on the Enterprise Server computer (ClearPath PC or Windows server) to listen at a specific port.
  2. Create a batch file to run the DATABridge Client when Enterprise Server is notified by the Server Accessory.
  3. Configure the NOTIFY option in the Server Accessory parameter file with the Enterprise Server computer’s IP address and port number where Enterprise Server (specifically, the DATABridge Director service) is listening. See NOTIFY for instructions.
  4. Run the Notify WFL as follows:

    START WFL/DATABRIDGE/NOTIFY ("databasename")

    where databasename is the name of the database you are replicating.