How the Span Accessory Works

The Span Accessory provides host-based replication of a DMSII database. Use this accessory to create data files that contain copies of DMSII database records. This approach is useful when a network is not available for a DATABridge server-client relationship or when a DATABridge Client does not exist for a particular client system.

When the Span Accessory requests updates for data sets that have not been cloned, the DATABridge Engine initiates a routine to extract all of the records for the uncloned data sets from the DMSII database. The Engine returns these records to the Span Accessory as if they were newly-created records. The Engine also forwards any additional changes that occurred to these records during the extraction. (This extraction may include duplicate records or other anomalies.)

There are three phases when using the Span Accessory:

  • Phase 1—Run the Span Accessory to generate a Span parameter file for the database to be replicated.

global db linked file template

  • Phase 2—Run the Span Accessory to replicate the database.

global db linked file template

  • Phase 3—Run the Span Accessory to update the replicated database based on changes in the audit file since the initial replication or since the previous update.
  • global db linked file template