Tailoring a Support Library

Each tailored support library is a database-specific version of the Support Library. Tailoring a library for a specific database enhances performance by increasing throughput. A nontailored the Support Library uses interpretive routines for each data set.

To tailor a database-specific support library

  1. Use CANDE or another editor to get the GenFormat parameter file DATA/GENFORMAT/SAMPLE/CONTROL.

    For a general description of the GenFormat parameter file, see DBGenFormat Parameter File.

  2. Save the file with a new name, as follows:


    where databasename is the name of the database for which you are creating the tailored support library.


    Note: You can also create an alternate parameter file when you compile the support library, as explained in step 5.

  3. Modify this new file (DATA/GENFORMAT/databasename/CONTROL) for any of the following:
  4. Save DATA/GENFORMAT/databasename/CONTROL.
  5. To create and compile the new support library, including layout tables for each data set in the designated databases, start WFL/DATABRIDGE/COMP:

    START WFL/DATABRIDGE/COMP ("SUPPORT", "databasename" ["logicaldatabasename"])




    The literal that represents the Support Library program. The quotation marks are required.


    The name of the database for which you are creating the tailored support library. The database name can include a usercode and pack, which are used to locate the database DESCRIPTION file, as follows:

    "(usercode)databasename ON packname"

    The quotation marks are required.

    "logicaldata basename"

    An optional name of an alternate database when you want to create one of the following:

    • A tailored support library for the logical database.
    • An alternate parameter file for the physical database, which is useful when you want to generate multiple support libraries for the same database but with different parameter files. In either case, the GenFormat file must be titled DATA/GENFORMAT/databasenameLogicaldatabasename/CONTROL

    Caution: You cannot compile tailored support libraries for more than one database of a given name in one usercode—the second tailored support library will replace the first.

    This results in the new tailored support library titled as follows:


    — or —


    These data set-specific layout tables have the offsets and sizes of individual data items hardcoded. In addition to creating this file, the WFL will create a copy that adds the update level as the last node. This makes the library more easily identifiable and helps prevent accidental deletion of a version of the Support Library that may still be needed. For example, the Support Library for BANKDB update level 4 will be copied as follows:


To use the tailored support library