Understanding DBGenFormat

Use the DBGenFormat program to create formats, filters, and translation tables—without programming—that you can compile into a tailored support library. Specifically, you can use the DBGenFormat program to include the following in your tailored support library:

  • Alter data sets*
  • Virtual data sets*
  • Primary keys
  • Reformatting
  • Translation tables
  • Transforms*
  • Formatting
  • Filtering
  • Error management*
  • Startup and shutdown*

* These items require additional programming. Refer to the DATABridge Programmer’s Reference for instructions.

To use the GenFormat program, edit the GenFormat parameter file using CANDE and then compile the Support Library using WFL/DATABRIDGE/COMP. The parameter file can contain as many formats and filters as you want.

The GenFormat program interprets your textual descriptions of filters, formats, etc., in its parameter file, generates ALGOL source code patches, and includes them in a tailored support library. The tailored support library implements the filter and format routines you specify in a DATABridge Accessory parameter file (or in your user-written Accessories).

For instructions, see Tailoring a Support Library.