Understanding the Support Library

The Support Library provides translation, filtering, and formatting services for DATABridge Accessories. The Accessories pass the records they receive from DBEngine to entry points in the Support Library for filtering and then, if the record successfully passes through the filter, for formatting.

Although you can use the Support Library “as is” or with minor formatting customizations, it is highly recommended that you create a tailored support library for each database you plan to clone and update.

Important: In a nontailored support library, you cannot use any data set or data item names, nor can you use any SELECT statements. Therefore, you must create a tailored support library to create effective filters. For example, if a filter refers to specific data sets, such as BANK1 or OHIOCUSTOMERS, you must compile the Support Library as a tailored library.

A tailored support library is a database-specific version of the Support Library and works the same as the generic Support Library. Tailoring a library for a specific database enhances performance by increasing throughput. A nontailored Support Library uses interpretive routines for each data set. You can tailor the Support Library for the following:

  • Translation
  • Filtering
  • Formatting
  • Reformatting (ALTERations)
  • Transforming (VIRTUAL data sets)

You can customize the Support Library by using the GenFormat program explained in the next section. GenFormat generates source code for filters and formats that you can include when you compile the Support Library. It is highly recommended that you use GenFormat to generate a tailored (database-specific) support library for each database you plan to replicate.