Workers = number (max limit)


Workers = number


Workers = number (allow min - limit)

where number is the default number of Workers and limit is an optional maximum number of Workers. The DATABridge Client or Accessory can change the number of Workers from 1 to limit, which defaults to number.


4 (number), 1 (min), 10 (limit)

Note: If you don’t specify the Worker option, the default is as follows:

10 (number), 1 (min), 4095 (limit)

The Workers option enables DBEngine to process one or more Extract Worker stacks to perform the data set extracts during a clone. On large systems with multiple processors and/or extra available resources, this might increase the speed of the cloning process. When there is more than one Worker running, the Accessory or DATABridge Client receives records interspersed from multiple data sets.

The AX WORKERS = number command can dynamically change the number of Extract Workers allowed, and must not exceed limit. An Accessory or DATABridge Client can also specify the number of Workers by calling the DBParameters entry point, but it must not exceed the specified limit.

The actual number of Workers running will not exceed the number of data sets to extract.