Changing the TCP/IP Port Number

DATABridge Director listens on the specified port number for incoming connection requests from the DATABridge Client and for notifications from the Server Accessory that audit files are available.

The port number is set to 11367, by default.

To change the TCP/IP port number

  1. From the DATABridge Enterprise window, click the DBDirector button.
  2. In the TCP/IP port number box, enter the number of a port (between 1024 and 65535) that is not currently in use on the Windows server, and then click the Apply button.

    global dbenterprise linked file template

  3. Click the Restart button to restart Director.

    The Apply button writes the new values to the Windows Registry.

    Note: DATABridge Clients must use this port number to connect to Enterprise Server. If you use host-initiated client runs, specify this port number in the NOTIFY option of the Server Accessory parameter file. See Setting Up Host-Initiated Runs.