Default: False
Range: True or False

This parameter causes the service to automatically launch a redefine command after a DMSII reorganization is detected (that is, when a service-launched process gets a return status).

When combined with the auto_generate parameter, this parameter allows operations to continue after a DMSII reorganization. If the redefine command finds nothing to do, the service launches a process command and operations resume. If the return status indicates that a generate command is required, the service will launch a generate command and upon successful completion of this command, will launch a process command. If the exit status of the redefine command indicates that a reorganize command is required, no action is taken. Manual intervention is required to examine the new scripts before they're executed to make sure that they don't corrupt the relational database.

If, after an automatic redefine command, tables in the relational database need to be altered, you can customize the data source and resume processing. The redefine command is fully compatible with customization features in the Client Console.