Default: True
Range: True or False

This parameter defines the initial value of the DATASETS table ds_options bit DSOPT_Clrdup_. This bit tells the DATABridge Client whether to run a script to remove false duplicate records caused by long cloning of an active DMSII database. In addition to indirectly affecting the process and clone commands, this parameter indirectly affects the generate command.

The ds_options bit DSOPT_Clrdup_Recs causes the following actions:

  • When set to False, the DATABridge Client ignores false duplicate records. If there are false duplicate records, index creation will fail. In this case you must manually remove the false duplicate records and recreate the index before the fixup phase can continue.
  • When set to True, the generate command creates a script that removes records with duplicate key values. This script will run only if the create index step fails. After the duplicate records are deleted, the index creation and fixup phases continue as normal.