Renaming a Table

Use the DATATABLES client control table to rename tables in the relational database. The dataset_name column shows the DMSII data set name and the table_name column shows the name of the table as it appears in the relational database. For an explanation of how the DMSII data set and data items are mapped to the relational database, see Relational Database Table and Column Names.

You can change one or more relational database table names before you clone DMSII data sets. If you use the dbutility clone command, keep in mind that you must specify the DMSII data set name with the dbutility clone command, not the relational database table name. This means that if a DMSII data set is named ORD-YEAR-TOTAL and you rename the equivalent relational database table to total, you must still reference the DMSII data set by its name ORD-YEAR-TOTAL.

When you rename a table, make sure to do the following:

  • The new table name must not be used by any other table. After the relational database has been created by the define or redefine command, the DATABridge Client does not verify that renamed tables have unique names.
  • The table name is no longer than 28 characters. Using table names longer than 28 characters causes SQL syntax errors when the DATABridge Client executes the corresponding stored procedures.


The following script changes the name of the table derived from the data set named EMPLOYEE to be full_time_employees. Both the DATATABLES and DATAITEMS client control tables must be updated as all data items have a column that points back to the table to which they belong.

File name: script.user_define.employee

update DATATABLES set table_name='full_time_employees'
where table_name='employee'


update DATAITEMS set table_name='full_time_employees'
where table_name='employee'