External Data Translation DLL Support

The following parameters are included in the [params] section of the DATABridge Client configuration file.




Range: "dllname"

Note: You must include quotation marks around the filename.

The parameter eatran_dll_name allows you to rename the external translation file DBEATRAN.DLL. This is particularly useful with SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 where multiple databases can use different languages. Since each data source has a separate configuration file, this parameter makes it possible to use different translation files for different data sources.


Default: False
Range: True or False

The use_ext_translation parameter enables you to translate 16-bit character sets from EBCDIC to ASCII. When this parameter is enabled, the DATABridge Client accesses an alternate data translation routine that uses an external DLL, named DBEATRAN.DLL (dbeatran.so for UNIX), instead of the standard translation procedure (for example [EbcdictoAscii] Section). The DBEATRAN.DLL contains the EBCDIC_to_ASCII entry point. This DLL is dynamically loaded when you enable the use_ext_translation option.