Server Option Parameters

The following parameters are included in the [params] section of the DATABridge Client configuration file. The parameters listed in this section affect how the DATABridge Client processed updates.


This parameter applies only to the command-line client. This parameter inhibits update processing for a given period of time after a LIMIT_NAME or LIMIT_TIME condition (normally initiated by a STOP parameter) is encountered. The format of the shutdown parameter is as follows:

shutdown {until | for} hh:mm after stop

The first form specifies the time of day at which the shutdown period ends, while the second form specifies the length of the shutdown period. The command-line option ‑o can override this parameter.


This parameter allows you to specify a condition for the DBEngine to stop processing updates as follows:

stop {before | after} {task "name" | time hh:mm[:ss]}

For example, you would enter the following:

stop before task "name"

- or-

stop after time 12:30:15

Generally, you should include only one stop specification in the configuration, but using two stop specifications is legal. When more than one task or one time is specified in the configuration file, the program honors only the last one. However, when a task specification is coupled with a time specification, the program honors the task specification only if it occurs on the date specified in the time specification.