Default: False
Range: True or False
Applies to: Command-line client (dbutility) only

Note: This parameter is specific to replication and applies only to the command-line client.

The stop_after_given_afn parameter enables you to stop processing after an externally specified audit file has been processed. Note that you must store the value of the audit file number in the stop_afn column of the DATASOURCES entry using data source tools external to dbutility.

The dbauditwait utility comes with the DATABridge Client program. This program communicates with the Notify utility on the host and launches a Windows command file (or UNIX shell script). The dbauditwait program passes the audit file number, which it gets from the Notify utility on the host, as a parameter to the command file it launches. You can use this command file to update the DATASOURCES table, force an audit file switch using the switchaudit command, and launch the dbutility program to start processing updates. The process command terminates when it reaches the end of the specified audit file.