Default: False
Range: True or False

Use the inhibit_8_bit_data parameter for data validation. Do not set this parameter if your data contains international characters.

For example, if your valid alpha data consists of 7-bit characters, set inhibit_8_bit_data to True. The DATABridge Client then changes all 8-bit characters to a question mark (?) and issues a warning message on the first occurrence of the bad data. The message contains the keys of the record with the invalid data, as in the following:

WARNING: Item 'cm_addr_line_2' in table 'customers' has 8-bit characters in alpha data
- Keys: cm_number=00101301

Note: If an item containing 8-bit characters or control characters happens to be a key, the record is discarded as it attempts to change the bad characters to ? (question marks), potentially resulting in duplicate records. All discarded records are written to the discard files tablename.bad in the working directory.