Default: False
Range: True or False

The auto_reclone parameter automates the recloning of data sets whose AA value keys are invalid because a DMSII record location change (such as a garbage collection reorganization or file format conversion) invalidated the AA values. Use this parameter as follows:

  • Set auto_reclone to True if you want to reclone these data sets.
  • Set auto_reclone to False if you do not want to reclone these data sets.

This parameter does not apply to data sets that do not use AA values as keys. For more information, see Initialization and DMSII Changes to Record Locations.

Note: The auto_reclone parameter also affects how purged data sets are handled. A purge empties the data set; the DATABridge Client drops the table and recreates it. Based on the setting of the auto_reclone parameter, the DATABridge Client performs one or two actions as follows:

  • If auto_reclone is True, it sets the ds_mode column of the DATASETS client control table to 0 and forces the purged table to be recloned.
  • If auto_reclone is False, it creates the index and sets ds_mode to 2, letting the natural update process populate the table.