Default: 0
Range: 0 – 16383 (Some bit combinations are not allowed.)

The dflt_history_columns parameter adds more non-DMSII columns (user columns) to all history tables in the client database. By default, history tables are created with three non-DMSII columns. The dflt_history_columns parameter is intended to simplify user scripts at sites where the same non-DMSII columns (user columns) are added to all (or most) history tables. When you use this parameter to add user columns to history tables, the same kind of non-DMSII columns are added to all history tables. If you do not want to add the same columns to all history tables, you must generate the columns using a user script or set active = 0 for the unwanted columns.

For specific values to enter for this parameter, see Numeric Date and Time in Non Contiguous Columns. The value can be hexadecimal (Bit column), or decimal (Value column).

For more information about history tables, see keep_history_only and “ds_options” in DATASETS.