Reserved Keywords

You cannot use reserved keywords for the relational database object (table, column, index, etc.) names. For example, the word order is an SQL keyword; therefore, you cannot rename a relational database table or column as order.

If an existing DMSII data set is named ORDER, the DATABridge Client stores ORDER in the DATASETS client control table, but stores order_x in the DATATABLES client control table. Thus, a DMSII data set named order has an equivalent relational database table named order_x.

When you refer to a DMSII data set, however, make sure you use the exact, uppercase DMSII data set name and not the equivalent relational database table name. For example, if you use the dbutility clone command to clone a DMSII data set named ORDER, you would enter the following:

dbutility clone datasourcename ORDER

The equivalent table name within the relational database, however, would be order_x. This same convention of adding _x to rename a reserved word applies to DMSII data items. For information on which words are reserved by your relational database, see the related database documentation.