Unload Command

The unload command creates a text file that contains a record for each of the entries in the various client control tables. For best results, run an unload command before running a redefine command.

Unload Command Format

The format of the unload command is as follows:

dbutility [options] unload datasource filename

List of Options

The list of options is the same as those for signon_options. Additional options include -t, -T, -f, and -v. The -v option enables a few additional displays.

Data Source

If a datasource of _ALL is specified, the DATABridge Client writes all data sources to the backup file (backupfile). If a specific data source is specified, the DATABridge Client writes only the entries for that data source to the backup file.

Sample Run

15:05:25 dbutility unload demodb demodb.cct
15:05:25 DATABridge Client version [OCI/Oracle]
15:05:25 Copyright (C) 2010 by Attachmate Corporation
15:05:25 Current date is: Mon Mar 22 2010
15:05:30 Loading control tables for DEMODB
15:05:32 Unloading control tables for DEMODB
15:05:32 Control tables for DataSource DEMODB written to file "demodb.cct"
15:05:32 Client exit code: 0 – Successful