Adding a Data Set

Use this procedure to add a data set after you clone the DMSII database. You don’t need to reclone the entire database.

To add a data set

  1. Run a relational database query tool and list the contents of the DATASETS client control table with the following SQL command:

    select dataset_name, active, data_source from DATASETS

  2. Set the active column for the data set you want to add to the DATABridge data tables to 1 (on), as follows:

    update DATASETS set active=1 where dataset_name='datasetname'

  3. Run dbutility redefine.
  4. Run dbutility generate datasource to create new scripts that populate the resulting table.
  5. Run one of the following dbutility commands to populate the new tables that correspond to the new data set:

    dbutility process datasource


    dbutility clone datasource datasetname

    Note: If you run the dbutility process command, the DATABridge data tables whose active columns are set to 1 in their corresponding client control table are also updated at this time.

After you complete this procedure, update your data set selection script (script.user_datasets.datasource) so that you do not lost this change the next time you run dbutility define.