Recloning with dbutility process

Use the following procedure to reclone with the dbutility process command.

To reclone with dbutility process

  1. Change the value for the ds_mode column in the DATASETS client control table to 0 for each data set to be cloned. In this case, you are setting the ds_mode by data set name.

    For example, to reclone the table named CUSTOMER, type the following SQL command:

    update DATASETS set ds_mode=0 where dataset_name='CUSTOMER'

  2. Run the dbutility process command as follows:

    dbutility process datasource

    The result of this process command is that the data sets whose ds_mode is set to 0 will be recloned. As indicated previously, the recloning may take a considerable amount of time depending on the amount and type of data in the DMSII data sets.

    Note: All DATABridge data tables whose active columns are set to 1 in their corresponding client control table (and whose ds_mode is set to 2) are also updated at this time.