DMSII Changes to Record Locations

DMSII record locations are changed in the following circumstances:

Garbage collection reorganizations are transparent to all data sets except those using AA values as keys. Therefore, unless the data sets using AA values as keys are small and garbage collection reorganizations at your site are infrequent, it is highly recommended that you create your own composite key as an alternative to using AA values as keys. For information on creating a composite key, see Creating Indexes for Tables.

When the DATABridge Client determines that a data set has been affected by a garbage collection reorganization or a file format conversion, the DATABridge Client does the following:

  • In the DATASETS client control table, sets ds_mode to 12, indicating that the AA values are invalid and that no changes will be tracked for the data set until it is recloned
  • Displays the following message:

    WARNING: DMSII reorganization has occurred; AA values for DataSet name[/rectype] are no longer valid

You will need to reclone the data set, or, for future reorganizations, you can configure the DATABridge Client to reclone the data set automatically. For information about recloning automatically, see Configuring the auto_reclone Parameter.