A DMSII initialization occurs when a DMSII data set is purged of its records. When a data set is initialized, DBEngine sends the DATABridge Client a stateinfo record with a mode value of 4. The DATABridge Client does not store this value in the DATASETS table. Instead, it performs one of the actions described below after displaying the following message:

DataSet name[/rectype] has been purged

After this message is printed for each purged data set, the following message is printed:

DataSets purged by DBEngine

If the auto_reclone configuration parameter has a value of No, the data set is purged and the tables are left empty, letting the normal update processing repopulate them. However, if auto_reclone has been set to True, the data set is recloned.

Note: An initialization does not change the data set format level in the DMSII database.