Overlapped Bulk Loader Operations for Windows

The Windows Clients use a separate thread to bulk load tables using SQL*Loader or bcp during the data extraction phase of data set cloning. The benefits of this mode of operation are much more dramatic when using a system with multiple CPUs.

Note: Configuration file parameters for increasing bulk loader speed are listed with the related bulk loader utility in the sections Oracle SQL*Loader Bulk Loader and Microsoft SQL Server bcp.

It is highly recommended that you use a relatively small setting for the max_temp_storage parameter. The default value is 40 MB. Adjust this value (to 20, 30, 50) to see what works best for you. However, setting this parameter too high tends to reduce the benefits of using multiple threads to launch bulk loader operations (it is recommended that you do not use values above 50 MB). Conversely, setting this parameter too low tends to increase overhead, particularly when the record sizes are large, by firing off too many bulk loader operations.

Do not set this parameter to 0, or the program will bulk load tables in one step and use a huge amount of temporary storage and eliminate all overlapped processing.

For details about max_temp_storage, see [Bulk_Loader].