Cloning Command Line Options

Command line options related to the dbutility clone command are as follows:




Forces the DATABridge Client to use a new log file for this run.

-T fileprefix

Specifies a trace file prefix other than the default prefix ("trace").


Reverses the meaning of the data set list for the clone command, as follows:

Without the -x option, the DATABridge Client clones the data sets listed on the command line.

With the -x option, the DATABridge Client clones all active data sets except those listed on the command line.


Toggles the defer_fixup_phase configuration file parameter. When you use this option, the dbutility clone does not enter the fixup phase at the end of data extraction. Instead of issuing a request to the DBServer to initiate fixup, the DATABridge Client terminates. The ds_mode value of all cloned data sets remain set to 1 with all of the necessary stateinfo stored in the client control tables (for example, audit_file_name, audit_block, and host_info). The next process command then picks up where the clone command left off.