dbutility process Command

The process command is the main command of the DATABridge Client. It populates and updates the tables for all data sets whose active column is 1 in the corresponding entries of the DATASETS client control table. Since the define command initializes the ds_mode column, all the selected data sets are cloned the first time you run a process command.

Note: If you do not select specific data sets in the data selection user script, dbutility automatically clones all data sets except for remaps, the restart data set, and the global data set. This operation may take a very long time and require a lot of disk space.

You can schedule the process command to update the DATABridge data tables. The schedule becomes effective after you run the process command for the first time. For more information, see Scheduling dbutility Updates.

To populate the DATABridge data tables in the relational database via the dbutility process command, you must first make sure that the current directory is set to the working directory you created for this data source. This must be the same working directory you used when you executed dbutility generate for this data source; otherwise, the DATABridge Client cannot locate the scripts to create and populate the DATABridge data tables.