Oracle SQL*Loader Bulk Loader

This section lists the configuration file parameters that affect cloning with Oracle.

The enable_parallel_mode parameter, which is only meaningful when direct mode is enabled, causes the program to include the PARALLEL option in the SQL*Loader command line. In direct mode, the loader runs faster at the expense of system resources; however, enabling this option has a much more noticeable impact on Windows clients than on UNIX clients.

For non-US sites where the period (.) and comma (,) decimal characters are swapped, the bcp_decimal_char and the bcp_delim parameters used together allow the DATABridge Client to format data records using the numeric characters that SQL*Loader expects.

The inhibit_direct_mode parameter applies when you run dbutility for a remote Oracle database using SQL*Net®.

The following parameters are meaningful only when inhibit_direct_mode is enabled.

  • The sqlld_rows parameter defines the value to be used for the ROWS specification for SQL*Loader operations.
  • The sqlld_bindsize parameter defines the value to be used for the BINDSIZE parameter for SQL*Loader operations. Increasing this value can speed up SQL*Loader operations when not using DIRECT mode (for example, running remote to a database on a UNIX system).

For more information about the bulk loader parameters mentioned here, see [Bulk_Loader].