Cloning Issues for All Relational Databases

It is recommended that you read this section before you use the dbutility process or dbutility clone commands.

Disk Space

You need to consider two types of disk space for the DATABridge Client, as follows:

  • Database storage is required by both the relational database and the DMSII data.
  • Temporary file storage is required for Windows clients during the cloning process. These temporary disk files hold the data used by the bulk loader utilities. For information on how to handle temporary file storage, see Controlling Temporary File Storage for the Windows Clients.

Column Order

The columns in the client database are built in a different order than the order in the DMSII client database. Specifically, the key items are placed first, followed by the non-key items in DMSII column order.

DATABridge Client Log File

Logging and tracing are separate activities in the version 6.x DATABridge Client. Logging cannot be disabled. Log files are written to the logs subdirectory of the working directory. Trace files are only created when the -t option is used and they are placed in the working directory.

Using -t1 is no longer allowed as this would create a second copy of the log file, you must specify at least one more bit in the trace mask for the option to be accepted.