When to Run dbutility generate

Run dbutility generate when you need to create a new set of scripts for a data source. For example, you would run dbutility again in the following circumstances:

  • If you accidentally delete one or more script files, repeat the dbutility generate command with the -u option. Make sure that the current directory is the working directory for the data source where you want dbutility generate to write the script files.
  • If you disable cloning (set the active column to 0 in the DATASETS client control table) for one or more data sets prior to running the dbutility generate command, no scripts are created for these data sets. If you later decide that you want one or more of these data sets to be cloned, set the active column back to 1, run the define command, and then run the dbutility generate command. The missing scripts are created and you can then run the dbutility clone command to clone the data set.