User Script Execution

The data set mapping customization scripts (script.user_datasets.datasource and script.user_layout.primary_tablename), and the data table customization scripts (script.user_datatables.datasource and script.user_define.primary_tablename) are executed as a single transaction group. Therefore, if there is an error in these scripts, the entire transaction group is aborted, which effectively undoes any updates that were done in the script. You can then correct the scripts and run them again via the runscript command.

The data table creation user script (script.user_create.tablename) and the index creation user script (script.user_index.tablename) are not run in transaction mode. Instead, they are executed as follows:

  • If script.user_create.tablename fails, the DATABridge Client stops as would be the case if an error occurred in the DATABridge Client generated table creation script.
  • If script.user_index.tablename fails, the DATABridge Client issues a warning indicating that the user script failed and continues processing as this error is not fatal. For example, if the index creation user script was to create a secondary index, you can do this later after the DATABridge Client is finished processing.

As it processes user scripts, the DATABridge Client issues the following confirmation message:

Running script "script_filename"